Jul 18, 2008

Rachel in England

I'm having a blast traveling the world with my daughter. This week, we went from London to Mexico City to California to Mississippi then Ohio. I think we've been in the air more than we've been on land. I love my little traveling buddy. Here's Rachel interviewing Tim with her new English accent.

Jul 7, 2008

Jacob Herren

My friend told me about his 9 year old son who read Crazy Love, so I interviewed him. Pretty funny, but also pretty cool.

Jul 4, 2008

Jun 16, 2008

when you're too popular

Have you been saying EVERYTHING that God wants you to say? A true prophet has enemies.

Jun 12, 2008

From Chicago

deep thoughts from tall building

Jun 5, 2008

my wife w/ abandoned baby

why is my life more valuable than this baby's? Someone asked me recently why I don't save money for emergencies, or retirement. My answer was how can I justify saving for myself "just in case" something happens to me when something IS happening to so many already. 29,000 kids will die today of preventable causes. If I'm to love my neighbor AS myself, why spend so much time worrying about me?

Jun 4, 2008

worship in Uganda

What it looks like to worship with over 20,000 Ugandan college students. It was dark, but you can still get a glimpse or it.